Boston Dynamics robot dog can shake its booty

See Spot twerk: Boston Dynamics robot dog can shake its booty

SpotMini is definitely an Uptown Funk fan.


I’m no longer afraid of the robot apocalypse. Boston Dynamics has now convinced me it will be an outstandingly funky affair full of twerking robots and good times.

Boston Dynamics, famous for its increasingly agile humanoid robot Atlas, released a video Tuesday showing off the dance skills of its robo-dog SpotMini.

Bruno Mars himself would be impressed with the robot’s ability to get down. It displays fine motor control as it tackles a mechanized version of the Running Man dance. There’s also a whole lot of robo-booty shaking.

The SpotMini dance video comes just days after the company posted footage of its Atlas robot performed some athletic parkour moves.

I can’t help but feel Boston Dynamics is trying to lull us into a sweet sense of security by showing how fun its robots can be. Just forget about Atlas running you down as you flee. SpotMini is here to disco for you, you silly human.

The four-legged SpotMini is designed to operate for 90 minutes on a charge. It can pick up objects and open doors. It’s also set to go on sale in 2019 in case you’re looking for a dance partner who won’t judge you.

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