Awesome cyber security facts 2019

As people are leaning more and more towards the digital world, cybercrime is becoming an issue that cannot be ignored. Although many individuals and businesses are doing all they can to prevent such attacks, a big risk of them still persists. There are various types of attacks that could occur and for many reasons, but one thing is certain – you don’t want to be the victim of cybercrime.

The more creative cyber criminals get – the more resources are spent on cyber security. It is estimated that, by 2020, around $101.6 billion will be spent on cybersecurity software, services and, hardware.

In case you run a small or middle-sized business – the most common recommendations are:

  • Organize cyber security awareness trainings for employees.

  • Keep computer and operating system software up-to-date.

  • Use spam filtering for your mail accounts.

  • Create backups of your data.

  • Limit access to corporate information.

You can find more awesome facts and useful tips in the infographic called “Awesome Cyber Security Facts (2019)”, compiled by EveryCloud

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