How do I upload my Zoom recordings into Microsoft Stream?

This procedure will enable users to move Zoom videos into Microsoft Stream where they will remain available for 12 months.


After the Zoom meeting and when the video has been processed, Zoom will automatically send an email with the Subject line: Cloud Recording – <<recording name>> is now available.

Sign in to Zoom, click on Recordings, and select the appropriate recording for downloading.

You have two ways to download the video

    • You can Click on the 3 dots next to your recording and click Download from one of the options

    • You can click on the recording itself and click on Download

Now your recording download should be in your Download Folder

Sign in to and then click on the App Launcher

From Apps Select Stream:

Click on Upload, on the left hand side of the screen, then you can Browse your Downloads Folder and select the video


Once Uploaded, you can Share it by copying a link or embed it into one of your classes in Canvas.

Remember to go to Zoom/Recordings and delete the video from your account.

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