1.  Log in to with your school credentials.


2.  Click on the Tuition Payment option to the right.




 3. Once you are redirected to the payment portal, click on Make Payment.



4. Simply change the amount to the amount on your bill, Click ADD and then Click Continue.



    5.  If you see this box pot up, simply Click OK.



You will be asked to select a payment method and Click Continue.



   6.  If you would like to pay via Credit Card



   7.  You will then be asked to put in your Credit Card information to complete the transaction.



   8.  If you choose Electronic Check (ACH)



   9.  You will be asked for your bank account information. Provide the necessary information and complete the transaction.



  10.  To pay by wire transfer (Western Union)



 11.  You will need to fill out the Country you are paying from and Click Continue.



 12.  Fill out address information and Pay by currency. Click Continue



   13.  Accept the payment amount and the fee.



   14.  You will then be directed to the Western Union site for directions to complete the payment.


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