NEIT’s wifi networks do not support wireless printers. To use a personal printer, you will have to connect it to a wall jack in your room or in a public area.

If your device does not register automatically, you can register it manually on NEIT-ResNet. To do this, connect to a laptop or other computer on NEIT-ResNet. Register it if necessary; if already registered, use this link https://cmrc.school.neit.edu/registration/ValidUserLogin.jsp?portalName=Open%20Portal to proceed. After your laptop is registered, you will be presented with a page allowing you to register additional devices. You will need to enter the mac address (also called “hardware address”) of your device. You can look online for information on  how to obtain your MAC address, or you can call the Helpdesk for assistance. (401) 780-4111 OR Ext. 3511 Email:  helpdesk@neit.edu


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