From Danny Mariscal, Zoom

I wanted to send a quick note with some updated resources for students, teachers, faculty, and staff, as we know many of our Education customers are continuing to leverage Zoom in a virtual learning environment.

We offer several Zoom Education Webinar (Links to an external site.) sessions each week with a live host to answer your questions, and focus on the following topics:

  • How to download Zoom applications and join a Zoom meeting
  • How to schedule a meeting and send out invitations
  • In-meeting controls and differentiation tools (including the waiting room, share screen, breakout rooms)

We also have the following short videos to help teachers get up and running with Zoom:

Danny Mariscal


Here also is the link to a YouTube channel a faculty member sent to us:

Teacher Training – Zoom meetings (Links to an external site.)


From Tom T. (NEIT)

PLEASE NOTE:  As of Tuesday, March 31, 2020 all faculty have been assigned a PRO Zoom Account.

Please check your email for an invitation from Zoom to complete the process,  Please use your NEIT email password for the Zoom account.

However, DOTs is in the process of adding our Zoom Account into our Single Sign-on system.  There may be interruptions in service until that process is complete.  This process will be completed before the start of the term on May 4th.  If you have any problems completing your account, please contact the Help Desk to resolve your problem.

Also, in light of our upcoming widespread use of Zoom for remote learning and recent issues that have arisen from the use of the platform (mainly zoom bombing), we have implemented the following settings in Zoom and locked them from being changed.

  • Local recording is now disabled.  Hosts can still perform cloud based recordings of meetings.  Participants will not be able to records meetings.
  • Participants are muted by default.  Hosts can control the ability of participants to unmute.
  • Participant’s names will no longer be shown in recordings.
  • Allow host to temporarily remove an attendee from the meeting.
  • Other users cannot take control of another user’s camera during a meeting.


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