[Rv. 8/29/19]



The purpose of this policy is to ensure that necessary electronic and paper records are adequately protected and maintained and to ensure that records that are no longer needed or of no value are discarded or deleted at the appropriate time.


Each department head will periodically review this policy to determine any special circumstances that necessitate changes in the retention policy. Requests for changes in retention periods or deviations from specified retention periods should be made to the university’s General Counsel.

In the event of a governmental audit, investigation or pending litigation, record disposal, both paper and electronic records relevant to the audit, investigation or pending litigation, will be suspended.


This policy applies to all records generated in the course of the university’s operation including both original documentation and reproductions. It also applies to records stored on computer and microform as well as paper records.

Disposition of Records

Supervisors shall be responsible for maintenance, storage and custody of paper records in their respective Departments for the applicable retention periods set forth in this policy. At the conclusion of the applicable retention period, supervisors shall arrange with the Office of Auxiliary Services for removal and destruction of paper records and with the Department of Technical Services for the deletion of electronic records.

Type of Records

Retention Periods

ACT = while active, employed or enrolled

PERM = permanent

ALDA = after last date of attendance

LIFE = life of affected employee

AYE = award year end (June 30)


1. Personnel and Employment Records

Application Process

     Job Announcements & Advertisements 1 year
Applicants who are not Hired
     Resumes and Job Application Materials 1 year
     Letters of Recommendation 1 year
     Background Investigation Results 1 year


Applicants Who are Hired

     Resumes and Job Application Materials ACT + 1 year
     Letters of Recommendation ACT + 1 year
     Background Investigation Results ACT + 1 year
     Medical Examinations ACT + 1 year


Personnel Files

     Beneficiary Designation Form ACT
     Emergency Contacts ACT
     Promotion ACT + 3 years
     Emergency Contacts ACT
     FMLA Records 3 years
     Medical Records ACT
     I-9 Forms ACT + 1 year
     Employee Evaluations ACT + 3 years
     Disciplinary Warnings & Actions ACT + 3 years
     Attendance Records ACT + 3 years
     Transfers ACT + 3 years
     Personnel Actions ACT + 3 years
     Layoff or Termination 3 years
     Benefit Plan Documents (retirement, health, etc.) 1 year after termination of plan


Faculty Personnel Files

     Course Evaluations ACT + 3 years
     Peer Review Documents ACT + 3 years


General Files

     EEO-6 and IPEDS Reports 3 years
     Superseded Employee Manuals 10 years
     Superseded Job Descriptions 10 years


Employee Safety and Health Records

     Accident Reports 6 years
     Log of Illness and Injuries 6 years
     Employee Exposure to Toxic Substance Records 30 years after exposure
     Chemical Identification Lists 30 years



General Information

     Wage Rate Tables 3 years
     Cost of Living Tables 1 year


Individual Employee Files

     Wage or Salary History 6 years
     Salary or Current Rate of Pay 6 years
     Overtime Pay 6 years
     Payroll Deductions 6 years
     Time Cards or Sheets 5 years
     W-2 Form 6 years
     W-4 Form 6 years
     Garnishments ACT



Applications and Admissions

Students Who Enter

     Completed Applications 5 years ALDA
     Readmission Forms 5 years ALDA
     Related Correspondence 5 years ALDA
     Entrance Examination Results 5 years ALDA
     Letters of Recommendation Until Admitted


Students Who Are Accepted but Do Not Enter

     Acceptance Letters 3 years
     Applications 3 years
     Correspondence 3 years
     Transcripts 3 years


Individual Student Records

     Grade Reports and Transcripts PERM
     Change of Grade Forms PERM
     Date of Graduation and Degree Received PERM
     Advanced Placement Records 5 years ALDA
     Class Schedules 1 year ALDA
     Registration Forms 1 year
     Pass/Fail Requests 1 year
     Drop/Add Requests 1 year
     Transfer Credit Evaluations 5 years ALDA
     Curriculum Change Authorizations 5 years ALDA
     Personal Data Information Forms 1 year ALDA
     FERPA Requests Life of Requested Record
     Student Consent to Release Records PERM
     Transcript Requests 1 year
     Name change Authorizations 5 years ALDA
     Tuition 5 years ALDA
     Fee Charges 5 years ALDA
     Medical Records (includes immunization records) 5 years ALDA


International Students

     Student I-20s 5 years ALDA
     Statement of Financial Responsibility 5 years ALDA
     Employment Authorization (work permit) if granted 5 years ALDA
     Passport Number 5 years ALDA
Resident Life Records 1 year
Student Activity Records 1 year
Faculty Maintained Files ACT
Disciplinary Records
     Dismissal or degree revocation PERM
     Academic Probation, Suspension ACT
     Student Conduct/Disciplinary Records 7 years ALDA


Financial Aid Records

     Application for Financial Aid (with attachments) AYE + 4 years
     Financial Aid Awards AYE + 4 years
     Financial Aid Transcripts AYE + 4 years
     Amount and Date of Each Loan or Grant AYE + 4 years


Federally Guaranteed Loans

       Name & Address of Lender AYE + 4 years
       Original Promissory Note PERM
       Sources & Amounts of Financial Assistance AYE + 4 years
       Repayment History AYE + 4 years
       Student’s Job Placement AYE + 4 years
 Federal Work Study Records AYE + 4 years
Career Placement Records 5 years


Student Safety and Health Records

     Accident Reports 6 years
     Log of Illness and Injuries 6 years
     Student Exposure to Toxic Substance Records 30 years after exposure
     Chemical Identification Lists 30 years



Applicant Statistics 5 years
Enrollment Statistics 10 years
Grade Statistics 10 years
Racial/Ethnic Statistics 3 years
Degree Statistics 10 years
Self-Studies and Visit Documentation PERM
Accreditation Reports PERM
Program Level Accreditation Documents PERM



Accounts Receivable Records

     Accounts Receivable 4 years
     Ledgers 4 years
     Receipts 4 years
     Cash Journals and Receipts 4 years
     Collection Notices and Records ACT
     Records of Uncollected Accounts 4 years


Accounts Payable

     Purchase Requisitions and Work Orders 4 years
     Invoices and Accounts Payable Ledgers 4 years
     Payment or Disbursement Records 4 years
     Credit Card Charge Slips and Statements 4 years
     Expense Reports 4 years
     Petty Cash Records 4 years
     UI and Worker’s Comp Payment Records 4 years


Capital Property Records

Real Estate

     Acquisition Dates and Costs ACT + 4 years
     Titles PERM
     Deeds PERM
     Title Insurance ACT + 4 years
     Attorney Opinion Records ACT + 4 years
     Mortgages ACT + 4 years
     Depreciation Schedules ACT + 4 years
     Property Detail Records Including Improvements and Repairs ACT + 4 years
     Records of Sales ACT + 4 years
     Leases ACT + 10 years
     Appraisals 10 years
     Environmental Reports PERM



     Equipment Inventory ACT + 4 years
     Acquisition Dates and Costs ACT + 4 years
     Description, Location and Use ACT + 4 years
     Identification/ Serial Number ACT + 4 years
     Grant (if any) ACT + 4 years
     Depreciation Schedules ACT + 4 years
     Records of Disposal Sales ACT + 4 years
     Sales 4 years


General Financial Reports

     Financial Statements ACT + 4 years
     Annual Reports ACT + 4 years
     Description of NEIT’s Accounting System ACT
     Auditor’s Reports ACT + 4 years
     General Ledgers ACT + 4 years
     Books of Account ACT + 4 years
     Balance Sheets ACT + 4 years
     Account Ledgers ACT + 4 years


Tax Returns and Reports

     Form 990 with attachments  7 years
     Form 990T with attachments  7 years
     Sales Tax Returns  7 years
     Excise Tax Returns  7 years
     Potential IRS Audit Documents  3 years



     Final Budget PERM
     Monthly Budget Reports 3 years



     Bond Closing Documents 6 Years After Retirement of the Bond
     Expenditure of Bond Proceeds 6 Years After Retirement of the Bond
     Sources of Payment or Security 6 Years After Retirement of the Bond
     Documents material to Bond Issue 6 Years After Retirement of the Bond



     Insurance Policies ACT + 10 years
     Certificates of Insurance ACT + 5 years



Individual Employee Files

     Educational Benefit LIFE
     Sick Leave Benefits LIFE
     403(b) Benefits Accrued LIFE
     Disability Records LIFE


General Files

Plan Documents

     403(b) Life of plan plus 4 years



     Building Permits ACT + 1 year
     Building Plans and Specifications PERM
     Office Layouts ACT
     Zoning Permits ACT
     Operating Permits ACT
     Maintenance Records ACT
     Motor Vehicle Records ACT




     Litigation Files ACT + 7 years

Outside Counsel

     Claims ACT
     Court Documents and Records ACT
     Deposition Transcripts ACT
     Discovery Materials ACT
     Correspondence ACT



     Alumni Newsletters 3 years
     Alumni Directories 3 years
     Bulletins and Course Catalogs 10 years
     Student Newspapers 3 years
     Institutional Newspapers/Newsletters 3 years
     Student Directories 5 years
     Employee Directories 5 years
     College Press Publication List 5 years



Corporate Records

     Charter PERM
     Articles of Incorporation PERM
     Amendments PERM
     Bylaws PERM
     Meeting Minutes PERM
Campus Crime Reports 4 years
Patent, Trademark & Service Mark Records ACT + 6 years
Licenses ACT + 10 years
Lobbying Registration 2 years
Strategic Plan PERM

Federal Approvals

     Education Department Institutional Approval Notice PERM
     Eligibility and Certification Approval Reports (ECAR) PERM
     Program Participation Agreements PERM
     PPA Transmittal Letters PERM



Emissions measurements 4 years
Equipment Tests & Calibrations 4 years
Hazardous Substance Records 4 years
     Hazardous Waste Disposal Manifests and Reports 30 years
     Material Safety Data Sheets 30 years
Dates of Receipt 4 years
     Quantity Records 4 years
     Disposal Information 4 years
     Tainting Records 4 years
Fire Drill Records 3 years
Fire Extinguisher Test Records 3 years
Fire Protection System Records 3 years



Grants & Contracts Managed ACT + 10 years
Disclosures of Conflicts of Interest ACT + 3 years
Administrative Policies & Procedures ACT + 3 years
Publication of Research Results ACT + 3 years
Cost Proposal Information ACT + 3 years
Construction Projects
     Building Drawings PERM
     Certificate of Occupancy Life of Building
     Construction Contracts 10 years
     Change Orders 10 years
     Licenses and Permits Useful life of permit or license



Advertisements & Commercials 3 years
Publications 3 years
Promotional Literature 3 years
Recruitment Literature 3 years
Photo and Video Footage Release Forms ACT + 10 years



Donation Records PERM
Original Gift Letters PERM
Scholarship Agreements ACT + 10 years
Scholarship Recipient Lists ACT + 10 years