Instructions to Connect to your NEIT Desktop from Home

1) Open any web browser on mac, pc, tablet or phone and go to
2) Click VMware Horizon HTML Access
3) Enter your username and password using the same credentials you would use to access your desktop at work. Username is usually <first initial><last name>. On the line under Password, select NEIT.EDU

4) Click the computer icon. It may be labeled with your dept initials or it may say “Physical”.

5) You will be connected to your desktop.
6) You will not be able to print from Banner but if you have Word or Excel documents that you need to print, you may print directly to your home printer. Your connection will allow you to access your printer.

Please refrain from printing documents that contain sensitive information, if you have to, please save them in a secure location until you return to campus and are able to discard them appropriately – DO NOT PUT THEM IN YOUR RECYLCE BIN or household trash….and please refrain from saving sensitive information on your home computer’s hard drive – save to your OneDrive.

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