Most NEIT services are available from off campus with an internet connection. These break down into two large categories: cloud-based services and services that require a secure connection to the NEIT network.  

Before implementing any of these remote measures:

  1. Please leave your computer / VDI client in your NEIT office POWERED ON
  2. Please read attached instructions in their entirety before initiating step 1
  3. If you have any questions, please contact the DOTS Helpdesk 
  • Main Campus Phone:  (401) 780-4111 OR Ext. 3511
  • Cell phone 401-369-2772
  • Email: [email protected]

 NEIT resources that are available from anywhere, with an internet connection, a computer / tablet and an internet browser.

The following public and private cloud services are available at https://technet.neit.edu

  • Canvas
  • Attendance
  • All library services including access to catalog and databases
  • CSC Paymaster
  • Adirondack THD (The Housing Director)
  • TouchNet for tuition and other payments

Other cloud services with direct links

The following Microsoft Services and Applications are available at https://portal.office.com

Secure Connection 

Services that reside on NEIT’s network require that you establish a secure connection to access them. If you have a laptop that you take home, Tech Services is available to assist. If you have a desktop computer on campus, we can provide you with a secure connection to your desktop from any web browser. https://dots.neit.edu/connecting-to-your-neit-desktop-from-home/

NEIT resources that require a secure connection to the campus network:

  • Xport Drive and other mapped drives on NEIT servers
  • Banner
  • Traverse
  • TabFusion
  • Documents on your hard drive (If you move these to OneDrive, you will not need access to the campus network.) If you need access to files stored on the hard drive of your work computer, moving them to OneDrive makes them accessible from any computer, anywhere.

Please refrain from printing documents that contain sensitive information, if you have to, please save them in a secure location until you return to campus and are able to discard them appropriately – DO NOT PUT THEM IN YOUR RECYCLE BIN or household trash….and please refrain from saving sensitive information on your home computer’s hard drive – save to your OneDrive.

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