Here are just a few things to get you started


  • ID Card – to activate printing, go to any copy machine on campus and scan your ID card. The system will automatically return a user error message and then prompt you to put in your credentials manually. Click the user name on the copier and enter in your full NEIT email address and your current password. This is the only time you will need to do this. Once registered you will scan your ID on any copier on any campus and release your print jobs.



  • Registering your devices on network – New England Institute of Technology has instituted a network security system, Network Sentry, to provide a more secure computing environment for our students, faculty, and staff. The system registers all wired and wireless devices before they are allowed to connect to our network. Click https://dots.neit.edu/connecting-to-the-network for more information.


  • OneDrive for Business – OneDrive is the Microsoft cloud service that connects you to all your files. DoTS recommends that you use OneDrive when saving all your documents. Click https://dots.neit.edu/onedrive-for-business for more information.


  • Zoom – All NEIT employees have a zoom account. To access your account go to https://zoom.us and click Sign In. On the Sign In screen, scroll down and click Sign in with SSO. Company Domain is neit. Click Continue and login with your TechNet credentials.


  • CISCO Phones – the default voice mail password is set to 846800. To setup your voice mail simply press the voice mail button and enter in your ID which is your phone extension followed by the # sign. Your pin is 846800 followed by the # sign. At this time the system will prompt you to change it to a 6-digit number. The system will guide you through the rest of the setup. This number will show as the Caller ID when you dial from your desk phone which allows the caller to dial you back directly without going through the operator. Your direct dial number is : xxx-xxx-xxxx Not all employees have Direct Dial numbers so if you don’t see a number then you do not have one.


  • VoiceMail PIN Reset -If you forget your voicemail password you can reset it by going to https://scportal.neit.cbts-ehcs.com/Kurmi click on the advanced button and proceed to the site listed. It may say unsafe but it’s not. Once you login with your TechNet credentials, click on account setting Account Settings and scroll down to Telephone Password. Remove the check mark from the Pin *: and enter in a new pin number and confirm. Click on apply and close. You can also forward your phone from here as well.



  • Office 365 – Office 365 is offered FREE to all NEIT employees. You can install this on 4 additional personal devices. Login to https://portal.office365.com enter your full NEIT email address and current password. Once connected click the install button or simply use if online.


  • Adobe – Adobe Suite is offered FREE to all NEIT employees. You can install this package on 1 additional personal device. Your login will be your NEIT full email address and current password. Click on Work account. You can install the full suite or partial apps by logging into adobe.com



More helpful information can be found on our website https://dots.neit.edu


If you need assistance with anything, please contact the helpdesk at [email protected] or at extension 3511.


NEIT Helpdesk


New England Institute of Technology

One New England Tech Blvd

East Greenwich, RI 02818

On Campus: ext 3511

Direct: 401-780-4111

[email protected]

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