Instructions for using Microsoft Teams for Conferences and Meetings

Using a mobile device
1. Download and install the app on your mobile device. When you receive prompts to allow access to your microphone and camera, select Allow.
2. Sign on with your NEIT email address and password.
3. Click the New Meeting button at the bottom of your screen to create a meeting.

4. Enter a title and select participants, as well as a start and end time.

5. Tap Done to send the invitation.
6. All participants will receive an email invitation.
7. They can tap Open to access the meeting.

Using a Computer
1) Go to Logon with your NEIT email address and password.
2) Click the icon for Teams.

3) Click Calendar in the left navigation bar.

4) Click New Meeting on the top right side of the screen.

5) Give your meeting a title and then tab down to Add Required Attendees. Start typing the names of the people you want to add to the meeting. As you type, names that match will pop up. Select the correct recipients.
6) Select a date and time for the meeting, and type in any details you would like to add. Then click Send on the top right side of the window.
7) All recipients will receive a meeting invitation with a link like the following:

8) To join the meeting, click the link to open your browser. If you see a prompt that says “Open Microsoft Teams?” click “Open Microsoft Teams”.
9) If you do not have Microsoft Teams already installed on your computer, you will then be prompted to either download the Windows app or join on the web. For fastest connection, click Join on the Web.
10) If you have a microphone and/or camera, you will be prompted to allow Teams to use them. Click Allow. If you do not have a microphone, you will not be able to participate in the conversation. (Most laptops have built-in microphones. Many desktops do not.)
11) You will be prompted to enter your name. Enter your name and click Join Now.

12) Once in the meeting, you can share your screen, chat with the other meeting attendees, and those with microphones can speak to each other.

13) When meeting is completed, click the phone icon to hang up.

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