Campus Status

Q: What is the latest update to the university’s calendar for the 2020 spring term?

A: To increase the likelihood that our students’ education will not be delayed, we continue to plan to have a spring term. The spring term may begin with online instruction and, hopefully, will offer an opportunity for students to return to the campus for classes during the same term.  To maximize this possibility, we are scheduled to begin the spring term on May 4, 2020 with the term ending on July 11, 2020.  (The summer term is scheduled to begin on July 20, 2020 and end on September 26, 2020.)

If students choose not to return for the spring term because they prefer to wait for a full term of classes on campus, it will be important for them to contact their student advisor before the start of the spring term to make their intentions known.  These students will be guided to work with NEIT’s re-enrollment coordinator to return to classes the next time their spring 2020 courses are offered or to return for the summer 2020 term if other classes are offered that work with the students’ curricula.  When students return within this timeframe, their tuition rate will remain the same as the 2020 spring term rates.

Q. Will intersession still be held?  

A: No.  Intersession will not be held this year due to the shift in the start of the 2020 spring term.  Students who planned on taking intersession courses should work with their advisor to discuss an alternate degree completion plan.

Q. Will students receive full academic credit for their remote coursework?

A. Yes.    Q. Will health science students be able to continue their clinical work? A. The status of clinical work is determined by the clinical sites; some continue to host our students, and some do not due to constraints in place at the clinical sites because of COVID-19.  We are committed to seeing that the completion of health science students’ clinical work is done in as timely a manner as possible.

Q: Will the administrative offices (Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Support Services, Student Accounts, the Office of Teaching and Learning, and Career Services) remain open during the break period?

A: Yes, most of our staff are working remotely; therefore, please call (401)739-5000 or 1-800-736-7744 to be directed to the department from which you are seeking assistance.

Q: I need to obtain a transcript, will these still be mailed out?

A: Yes, the transcript request form can be downloaded at, scroll to the bottom of the screen, click on the Alumni link, scroll to the bottom and download the request form. Follow the steps on the form. The Registrar’s Office will print transcripts on Wednesdays and send them by mail on Thursday mornings.

Q: How do I conduct business with the Registrar’s Office during this COVID-19 pandemic? 

A: Please email [email protected] and the staff will assist you remotely.

Q: Will this year’s commencement be held?

A:   Due to limitations to gathering sizes imposed by the CDC and the state and federal governments,  NEIT will be unable to hold commencement on May 3, 2020 as originally planned.  We will consider alternatives to this year’s commencement ceremony and will provide updates once available.

Resident Students

Q: Can I re-enter the residence hall to gather my belongings?

A: If resident students need their belongings now, they should contact the Office of Residence Life ([email protected]) to schedule an appointment.  Resident students will not be allowed in the residence hall without an appointment.

Q: Will my mail be forwarded?

A: Unfortunately, we are unable to process mail for forwarding.  Please update your mailing address with those who may send your mail to NEIT. Resident students’ mail delivered to NEIT before the students return to campus will be returned to sender.

Q. Can resident students return to live in the residence hall when the 2020 spring term begins?

A. Students cannot live in the residence hall during the period when classes are offered only online.  Residents will be invited back to the residence hall in advance of the re-establishment of classes on campus.

Q. Will room and board charges be adjusted if we return to campus mid-term?

A. Yes. Students’ room and board charges, including Flex Dollars, will be prorated if students are permitted in the residence hall for only a portion of the 2020 spring term. If students have Flex Dollars that have rolled over from the previous term, and if classes are resumed on campus, students will have until the end of the term to use their Flex Dollars.  If classes cannot be resumed on campus, NEIT will credit the students account for the unused flex dollars. Watch for further details.

Q.  Do resident students on a monthly payment plan for tuition and room & board need to make payments for tuition as well as room and board at this time?

A.  NEIT is adjusting each student’s payment plan to include only tuition for the 2020 spring term.  If the residence hall opens during the 2020 spring term, students will be charged only a pro-rata portion of the room & board, which will be payable at that time.

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